Water Works® Water Activated Permanent Powder Hair Color - #25 Coffee Brown

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Brown hair perfection! Get flawless gray hair coverage with our Water Works® Water Activated Hair Color, #25.. The safest, fastest, and easiest way to look and feel young again! Gives you a deep, dark coffee brown hair color permeation without the need for special tools or complicated procedures. JUST ADD WATER! Order now and save time and money on salon trips instantly.

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  • Coffee Brown Confidence: Are you a busy bee looking for an easy and convenient brown hair color solution? The Water Works® Water Activated Permanent Hair Color - #25 Coffee Brown is exactly what you need. Specially formulated to give you full-on gray coverage to match your natural shade without harsh ingredients that may harm your hair and scalp. 
  • Creamy Color Fix: This Water Works® Coffee Brown hair color solution dissolves readily in just water, no need for peroxide! Formulated to give you a deep color hair infusion. With a rich and creamy consistency that adheres to hair effectively so you'll never miss a spot! Safe for multiple uses so you can get a deep color perfect for getting that sleek and youthful hair look.
  • Mess-Free Hair Color: Each package of Water Works® Permanent Hair Color Powder includes 0.21 oz of rich Coffee Brown hair color powder and a handy measuring cup for easy and exact measurements. Effortless application and odor-free coloring, achieve rich color without the hassle. We make it easy just for you!
  • Time-Saving Solution: No more spending endless hours in the salon. We value time just as much as you do! Get more professional and younger-looking hair with this easy Water Works® pack. Gives you permanent color so you can keep going longer without worrying about your hair color fading into a strange shade. Just do your thing and leave the rest to us! 

DIRECTIONS: Simply mix with plain water for potent color coverage, even on grays.

Color results may vary according to your natural or current hair color. color may last longer on some hair types depending on its condition.

Indgredients: Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Perborate, Sosium Silicate, 2-Chloro-p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate, p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate, m-Aminophenol Sulfate, Silica, Xanthan Gum

CAUTION: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying directions should first be made. This product must not be used for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness. Pre-test Water Works by following the directions contained in this package.